Submit your Design

Submissions should be made in the stated format;

  • One A0 size ‘board’ in landscape orientation. The page must illustrate:
  1.  Project idea showing conceptualization through a series of processes.
  2. Graphic diagrams including floor plans, section perspective drawings etc.
  3. A  four hundred (400) word descriptive composition with images, printed in a type and font size that is appropriate for the project.
  • Submission can be either scanned high resolution digital PDF designs or appropriate software.

File name should be the team name and their registration number;

  • A brief write-up in word or PDF format providing a description of the design idea, and materials used in construction process as well as a summary of the costs. It should describe the design concept and convey information towards a basic understanding of the project. This write-up should approach but not exceed one thousand (1000) words. 
  • Fill the form below and click on “PROCEED” to upload your files. Please pack all your files in a single zip folder.
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